Smootherz for Business and Workplace

Conflict services for business:

• Business and Client conflict

• Business and Supplier conflict

• Board and Management conflict

• Conflict evaluations of management team and workplace

• Conflict training for managers

• Workplace conflict training

• Supervision for the helping profession

Smootherz conflict resolution focuses on the individuals involved establishing sustainable outcomes that will work for all parties now and into the future.

The key to success is to facilitate understanding and insight regarding how the situation has developed and how to avoid recurrence.

Conflict can be resolved even if the parties elect not to engage in mediation. One-on-one conflict coaching is an extremely effective resolution option.

But - why wait until conflict needs third party assistance?

Workplace assessments to understand the conflict dynamics in your organisation provide the opportunity to significantly increase productivity and creativity.

Conflict training to empower resolution of conflict situations at the time they occur has a hugely positive impact of the workplace dynamics - and on the bottom line!

Smootherz conflict training is interactive and adapted to be relevant to the activities of your organisation.