About Smootherz

Martha Kelly

Martha’s passion is empowering others to move forward positively from the situation they find themselves in. She is of the belief that not understanding the mechanisms of conflict and how as individuals, we operate when confronted with conflict situations is a major contribution to dissatisfaction in relationships, workplace, business and community. Martha has developed her conflict and dispute qualifications to build on her counselling skills and focuses on conflict services.

Because of her diverse business ownership and management background, and her study of organisational behaviour, Martha is adept at resolving business and workplace conflict. She is highly aware of the cost to business of unresolved and often covert conflict and is quite passionate about assessing conflict dynamics in the workplace and making recommendations for improvement because she’s knows the benefits it brings.

Her counselling background and family mediation training, together with her conflict skills and a host of life experiences make her an ideal choice for relationship building, relationship dissolving and family issues.

Martha Kelly - Training, Qualifications and Experience

Accredited Mediator (LEADR - NZ)
Accredited Family Dispute Resolution Provider
Advanced Training - Family Mediation (LEADR -NZ)
Conflict Coach (LEADR - Australia)
Certificate in Counselling Theory (Massey University)
Training in ‘High Conflict Personalities’ (LEADR - NZ)
Organisation Behaviour (Massey University)
Diverse business management background

‘Smoothing the way forward’